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Apple Unveils New iPad Pro With Best Features

Apple Unveils New iPad Pro With Best Features: Apple introduced its latest innovation in the form of the new iPad Pro, which boasts an impressively sleek and lightweight design, a breakthrough Ultra Retina XDR display, and unprecedented performance powered by the new M4 chip. This next-generation iPad Pro is a significant leap forward, combining portability with exceptional capabilities.

The new iPad Pro is available in two sizes — a spacious 13-inch model and a highly portable 11-inch model — both featuring the world’s most advanced display technology, the Ultra Retina XDR display. This display incorporates state-of-the-art tandem OLED technology, delivering exceptional brightness and color accuracy that sets a new standard for visual experiences on a tablet.

Driving this remarkable device is the M4 chip, Apple’s latest silicon innovation. The M4 chip introduces a new display engine specifically designed to optimize the Ultra Retina XDR display’s precision and brightness. With a new CPU, an upgraded GPU building upon the M3 architecture, and the most powerful Neural Engine to date, the new iPad Pro is a powerhouse for artificial intelligence applications.

The new iPad Pro experience is further enhanced with innovative accessories. The Apple Pencil Pro introduces advanced interactions, taking the pencil experience to new heights, while a thinner and lighter Magic Keyboard offers a range of impressive features.

Starting today, the new iPad Pro, along with the Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard, are available for order, with in-store availability beginning May 15.

Key Features of the New iPad Pro

Incredible Thinness: The new iPad Pro is the thinnest Apple product ever, with the 11-inch model measuring just 5.3 mm thin and the 13-inch model at a striking 5.1 mm, without compromising strength or durability.
World-Class Display: Featuring the groundbreaking Ultra Retina XDR display with tandem OLED technology, the new iPad Pro delivers unparalleled brightness, color accuracy, and contrast, setting a new benchmark for tablet displays.
Revolutionary M4 Chip: The M4 chip powers the iPad Pro’s exceptional performance, enabling remarkable CPU and GPU improvements along with cutting-edge AI capabilities.
Advanced Accessories: The Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard complement the new iPad Pro experience, offering enhanced functionality and convenience.
Quotes from Apple’s Senior Vice President

John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, emphasized the new iPad Pro’s impact, stating, “Today, we’re taking it even further with the new, stunningly thin and light iPad Pro, our biggest update ever to iPad Pro.”

Availability and Pricing

The new iPad Pro is available for order starting, with in-store availability from May 15. Prices start at INR 99,900 for the 11-inch Wi-Fi model and INR 1,19,900 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model. Education pricing is also available.

Overall, the new iPad Pro represents a significant advancement in portable technology, offering unmatched performance and versatility for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


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